Fact: I really like to observe the search terms that get redirected to the blog. I’m always curious where I get my views/visits from and want to know what made people check out a certain post. Checking the search terms I get per week/month helps me have a clue, somewhat. Some of the search terms I get are pretty specific (some are pretty hilarious) and I kind of wonder if the people who searched these got the answers they were looking for on my blog. So today, I’ve decided to help all those curious minds and give the answer they were searching for- with GIFs!

Search Term #1‘If you enter the MIBF can you buy any books at any booths’

You most definitely can. It’s a book fair after all. All the booths sell books.

Search Term #2‘No one understands this love’

Well, fuck what others think, right? But in case you were just searching for a quote, I don’t know what it is. I also don’t know how this led you to find my blog…

Search Term #3‘What is the song that adam sings to mia in if i stay’

You mean in this scene, right? The song Adam sings for Mia is called Heart Like Yours! It’s lovely. ♡

You can listen to it here:

Search Term #4‘MIBF 2014 what to buy’

Books, obviously! There are so many to choose from, you’ll go a little crazy. If you’re looking for which books to buy you can check out my reviews to see which ones are good!

Search Term #5‘Love story cliches that need to end’

Well, some cliches do work (love-hate, friends-to-lovers) and it really all depends with the execution. Instalove, however, definitely needs to end already. For the sake of my eyeballs. They’re tired of rolling whenever I read instalove stories.

Search Term #6‘What can i do not to sleep when reading at midnight’

Coffee works.

But really, if the book you’re reading at midnight is making you sleepy, it’s probably not worth reading at midnight.

Search Term #7‘If you stay gayle forman national bookstore’


But okay, this is the site your looking for.

Search Term #8‘Adam wilde loves ass’

How the hell did this search term arrive at my blog????

Search Term #9‘How much is since you’ve been gone in the philippines?’

It’s PHP720 at Fullybooked! You can check that out here.

Search Term #10‘Proud to be bookish’

You go, bookworm!!!!

So yep, search terms get a little crazy sometimes. How about you, fellow bloggers? What weird search terms (or search questions) have been redirected to your blog? To my readers, what things are you looking for on the internet? Maybe I can help!

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I wanted to discuss what being a bibliophile means today but I ended up writing a list. I could probably go on forever:

  1. Your bookshelf is overflowing. It cannot contain all the books you have so books are all over your room.
  2. One of your dreams in life is having your own library. Or writing a book. Or both.
  3. Under the list of people you must meet before you die is your favorite author. Or several.
  4. The only hangovers you know are book hangovers.
  5. You have a book buying problem. Shopping means going to the bookstore.
  6. You name pets or special objects after fictional characters.
  7. You seriously worry about book-to-movie adaptations.
  8. You never leave home without a book or your ereader.
  9. You either love coffee or tea. Or both.
  10. You are a certified fangirl.
  11. You are turned on by good grammar and perfect punctuation.
  12. You believe that signed books are precious.
  13. Once in awhile, you’re lost in a fictional world and cannot be bothered.
  14. You think a lot. Probably too much.
  15. You will gladly recommend books and are really thrilled when people love them.
  16. When people ask what your favorite thing in the world is, your answer is always books.

How about you? What does bibliophilia or having a great love of books mean for you? Feel free to add your own bullet in the comments. ;)

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if i stay

To say I was thrilled that If I Stay was going to become a film would be an understatement. If I Stay is one of the YA books closest to my heart and Gayle Forman, the author of the novel, is on the top of my list of beloved authors. I wanted to see and experience her beautiful story, alive before my eyes. I finally did, just last week.

Did I have expectations? Yes. Were those expectations met? Yes. What were my expectations, anyway? I expected to get all the feels and expected there to be sobbing. And trust me, there were definitely feels and quite a river of tears. (more…)